Life Values Auction


Life Values Auction

Knowing ourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom. Let's discover more about ourselves and others in a fun and exciting game + camping!

What's Life Values Auction?

At Life Value Auction, a fun exploration of self-discovery game, we will come together to play an auction simulation game and dig deeper into the values, lessons learned and stories behind your choice and gain more clarity in your life’s purpose and value.

Why Life Values Auction?

Harvard research indicates that of all the things that boost emotions, motivation, and perception during a day, the single most important thing is making progress in doing things that are meaningful to you. What are the things that are meaningful to you and the underlying value that guide your action?

How does Life Values Auction works?

Imagine you are joining a camp with a group of friend to discuss about life choices based on the time you have left in your life i.e. 10 years to bid the 20 items in the auction list, from being a millionaire to living a worry-free life, what’s your choice?


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