QURIOSITY - Oblique Strategies 2nd EDN


QURIOSITY - An Oblique Strategies game (2nd edition)

Oblique Strategies is a card-based method for promoting creativity. Each card offers a challenging constraint intended to help you break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.

This card deck focuses on people in tech, especially software developers, UI/UX and product people. Some cards are more general.

QURIOSITY's 2nd edition:

  • doubles the challenges to 40 cards

  • covers the topics "Communication", "Workplace", "Equipment", "Perspectives", "Gather Information", "Stay Strong" and adds a special "Joker"

  • brings you a design workspace to play your cards

  • optional: uses the "Randomizer" app from Miros marketplace for more card-game feeling

So, be brave and unlock yourself!


Stephan Zimmermann image
Stephan Zimmermann
Agile Coach / Scrum Master@Qudosoft
Stephan currently works as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master at Qudosoft supporting teams to master their demanding tasks by promoting communication, supporting personal development and improving collaboration. Together with the teams he strives for self-organisation and high performace. Stephan is always looking for new ideas and impulses for his work.
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