The Last Retrospective


Over time each team goes through Tuckman’s stages of group development. This „Last Retro“ template is of course dedicated to the Adjourning phase. It should be serious but not too serious. Rather than bring up to-dos, you will focus on interpersonal aspects and help people mourning & laughing again. As for many people this is a tough situation. But check it out yourself ;-)

How to use this template

  1. Set the context by saying a few introductory words.

  2. Choose a funeral song and talk about it.

  3. Prepare your teams obituary in the main part. Gather sticky notes about your „Struggles & Controversies“, your „Highlights & Achievements“ and „Anecdotes“ to remember. Bonus: do an freestyle obituary by combining the key issues into spoken word.

  4. Write an epitaph.


Stephan Zimmermann image
Stephan Zimmermann
Agile Coach / Scrum Master@Qudosoft
Stephan currently works as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master at Qudosoft supporting teams to master their demanding tasks by promoting communication, supporting personal development and improving collaboration. Together with the teams he strives for self-organisation and high performace. Stephan is always looking for new ideas and impulses for his work.
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