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Early commitment to quality can spare software product development teams a massive portion of production issues and help prioritize the right qualities to detect quality risks early and drive engineering and testing efforts to manage those risks efficiently.

The Quality Map Miro board can be used during refinement meetings or as a separate team routine - a quality analysis and prioritization meeting - to evaluate and prioritize the quality characteristics crucial for each user story and to identify flaws in the proposed technical solution early in the development lifecycle.

The board has three frames - steps - to guide the quality prioritization meeting.

1. Quality Pool with all 56 quality characteristics and definitions, grouped by Functional, Non-Functional, and Data quality.

2. Quality Risk frame to evaluate and prioritize those qualities that hold the highest risk from business, product, and technical perspectives.

3. Quality Plan frame used by the Team to identify and prioritize the actions to ensure the critical qualities and mitigate the quality risks.

The Quality Pool represents the standards ISO/IEC 25010 - Software Product Quality; ISO/IEC 25012 - Data Quality. The data quality characteristics are enhanced with the ones described by Rachel Levy Sarfin in "5 Characteristics of Data Quality", and the ACID model is by Dilfuruz Kizilpinar in her article "Data Consistency in Microservices Architecture".


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Hris Koleva
Founder/Quality Coach@Hris Koleva Process Improvement
Process geek, software tester and mentor, currently running a process improvement consultancy. For 16+ years in the Software industry, I've realised that Software Quality is not guaranteed only by testing but by a full-picture process approach implemented via efficient practices. I help startups start on the right foot with software quality and agile workflows, and I believe early risk identification and collaboration are the tools for delivering high-quality software fast and safe.
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