Proposition Development Map


The development of a proposition can be done in many ways. Therefore, it can be difficult to see how all the different activities connect in order to develop a people-centered proposition. We have developed a map to give an overview of proposition development activities and the relations between these activities. We have designed the map on basis of our experiences in proposition development. You are invited to use it freely. If you have feedback or questions, please reach out to us.

How it works?

On a normal map of for example a country you can see cities and roads. It gives you an overview of different cities you can visit and the different routes you can take. However, the map doesn’t tell you which cities to visit and which routes to take. For this, a guide may advise you, taking your preferences into account and accompany you on the road.

The Proposition Development Map works the same as a normal map: It gives you an overview of the different activities and different routes you can take in order to develop a proposition. Based on your preferences and needs, we can advise you which route to take and accompany you along the way.

In the Proposition Development Map we communicate our ideal path towards developing a proposition. However, every context is different. Therefore, in the Proposition Development Map Miro template we offer you the opportunity to play around with the different elements and compose your own proposition development route.

Difficulties with designing a new proposition? Difficulties with explaining your approach to your team and stakeholders? With the Miro template you can sketch your own proposition development plan.

When to use it?

If you plan to adjust or to develop a new proposition the Proposition Development Map can help you. The Proposition Development Map itself gives you (and your stakeholders) an overview of how the proposition development activities are linked. The Miro template gives you the opportunity to play around with the proposition development elements.

How to use it?

  • Take a look at the Proposition Development Map and decide on the activities you think are necessary and would like to execute.

  • Drag the elements of the activities in the right order using the template.

  • Make notes under the elements if necessary.

  • Discuss your proposition development plan with your team and stakeholders!

  • Make use of the Miroverse templates in your proposition development plan.


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