Product Strategy Framework


The prioritization process helps focus resources and efforts on the most valuable and impactful initiatives, ensuring that the product roadmap aligns with the company's goals and customer needs. This template will help you to better structure the strategic and tactical prioritization of a product or a group of products.

Tip 1: Be aware of the company strategy and try to relate the product goal with company's main priorities.

Tip 2: Bring to the table product previous results, usage tracking data, insights from research. They will help you shape a user-centric roadmap related to the main goals of the company

Tip 3: Normally, this process is led by PM and PD from the teams, engage them on using the template to organize the priorities and the main initiatives of the quarter. This template should help stakeholders to understand the priorities and what should be the main initiatives for the next quarter.

Tip 4: Enjoy and use with no moderation.


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