Product Launch Lifecycle


Product launches are hard. They involve months of hard work researching, planning, designing, building and then finally launching, which means a LOT of cross-functional collaboration between teams. Product managers, developers, designers, marketing, customer-facing teams... Managing everyone in each department and ensuring they deliver on time without anything falling through the cracks can take a lot of effort.

This template, combined with Unito, is built to help you deliver on even the biggest an most complex product launches.

How this template works:

1. Start by using the empty template to fill in any tasks required of each department at every step of the launch process. If you need inspiration, check out the pre-filled example based off of our own internal launch lifecycle.

2. Fill in task details in the description box of the card, add assignees, and assign due dates, as necessary.

3. (Optional) Sign up for Unito for free in the Miro marketplace or on the website, and when you're ready, sync your Miro board to your project management tool.

Note: If you used the empty template, delete the pre-filled example to avoid syncing any extra cards.


Unite teams across tools with a 2-way sync Craft your ideal workflow quickly with Unito’s deep, customizable, self-serve integrations that let everyone work in their tool of choice without missing a thing.
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