Digital Product Development Template


Digital Product Development Template

This template is available for our Product Managers and Product Designers to use as part of the product development lifecycle! It follows the discovery and delivery process of digital product to help you and your teams generate ideas, capture all relevant data in one place,  boost team/stakeholder collaboration, and more, all in one single board!

What is digital product development?

Digital product development is the process of using product and design discovery and delivery techniques to release new (or improve upon existing) features or digital products. 

The stages of product development

Depending on what process you follow there are multiple stages of product development. In this template, you will see reference to the iterative design process known as the Double Diamond* process, which details four key stages; Discovery, Definition, Development, and Delivery. The idea is for you to diverge and converge with your collaboration to solve the problems your product is facing by coming up with innovative solutions. (* The Double Diamond process was popularized by the British Design Council in 2005 and adapted from the divergence-convergence model proposed in 1996 by Hungarian-American linguist Béla H. Bánáthy.)

When to use a product development template

At the beginning of a project to use as your project hub for when you are creating a new digital feature or digital product.

Why product development is important

This allows you to kick-start conversations with your team and stakeholders on getting aligned on important information and also allows you to use this as a one-stop-shop for your project for you to ideate on ideas, collaborate efficiently and create awesome digital experiences.

How to use this template

This is a starting point for you to work through the Double-Diamond process of product development. Feel free to customize the various steps you take as part of your project's needs.

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