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Ideation workshop template

The ASOS Ideation Workshop template is a 90-minute collaborative remote session which allows stakeholders from across your business to come together and focus on a core product area, understand it’s main challenges, and ideate solutions for development. This workshop will guide you through how to share qualitative insights from your customers, how to frame your opportunity areas, and the process for ideation and prioritization amongst attendees. 

What is ideation? 

Ideation is a creative process where designers and other stakeholders come together in a judgment-free environment to produce as many ideas as they can to address a particular user pain point or opportunity area.  

What are the goals of this workshop?

  • To align stakeholders from across your business around a core product area or problem

  • To share discovery work (e.g., user research findings) and opportunities areas

  • To ideate solutions to your opportunity areas

  • To prioritize these solutions resulting in a clear direction for further discovery or development 

Who is the ideation workshop for?

Small to large-scale businesses who want to come up with innovative solutions to customer or business problems.

Who can facilitate an ideation workshop?

This workshop should be led by a facilitator ideally working as a Product Manager or Designer in the product area being discussed.

Ideation workshop agenda

 The ideation workshop agenda includes the following topics:

  • Welcome and intro to goals (10 mins): Time to greet your stakeholders and outline the agenda, objectives, and house rules for the session 

  • Setting the scene (20 mins): Share insights, like user research findings or quantitative data, to give your stakeholders background about where your opportunities areas have come from 

  • Activity 1: Solution brainstorm (25 mins): Split attendees into groups and assign them an opportunity. Ask them to review the evidence supporting the opportunity and brainstorm solutions

  • Activity 2: Voting and sharing ideas (35 mins): Allow each group time to vote on their top solution before presenting this idea back to the wider group to spark discussion and feedback 

  • Wrap up and next steps (05 mins): To finish the session share how you'll be using the outcome of the workshop in your project and confirm next steps

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