Product Design Principles Workshop



This template is for digital product teams to help them define Product Design Principles. These principles will help teams establish a set of best practice guidelines that balance the needs of the business and users to inform their design decisions.


This template is primarily for product managers and product designers working on B2B platforms. However, the workshop encourages cross-functional collaboration, and so gets colleagues from across the business involved. About 5-7 people is optimum to  run the workshop efficiently. These people should be empowered to make strategic decisions.


The definition of Product Design Principles is typically tackled during more strategic design phases, during the inception of new products or key workflows. However, they are also useful during digital transformation processes, when better product design practices may be desired.


You can co-create your Product Design Principles in just 6 simple steps. The template is super easy to use and offers instructions and suggested timings throughout.


In the workshop you will be able to create posters for your final Product Design Principles. The template for that can be found here.


Dieter Rams. A German-born industrial designer by trade, Dieter Rams was one of the first to indentify and share his list of principles that define good design.


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