Post-Growth Business Brainstorm


In a world grappling with environmental degradation, social inequality, and economic instability, post-growth business modeling offers a visionary approach to addressing these challenges.

This brainstorming template, inspired by Post-Growth Entrepreneur Melanie Rieback's TED talk, inspires creative thinking, inviting individuals and teams to reimagine business beyond traditional growth paradigms.

By prioritizing sustainability, resilience, and holistic prosperity, businesses can move away from relentless expansion and focus on creating value that goes beyond financial returns.

The template brings together Design Thinking and the post-growth perspective of Melanie, by prompting the creative exploration of 4 key themes: "business as art", "business as activism", "business as spirituality" and "business as self-expression".

It encourages transformative thinking, empowering participants to shape a new paradigm of business for a sustainable and just future.

Let's envision and design post-growth business models together!

Credit to:

Melanie Rieback

Non-Profit Venture


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