The SDGs Wheel of Life


The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool invented in the 60s by Paul J. Meyer. This tool is commonly used to help coach clients navigate life questions and assess their motivation to make changes in different areas of their life.

This adaptation of the wheel of life focuses on Sustainable Development Goals and poses the question to the user: considering your company or your profession, towards which SDGs do you see room for improvement? And to what extent are you motivated to work on them?

In a simple and visual way, the user of the SDG wheel of life will be able to grasp which SDGs they could/should prioritize in their strategy and implementation based on their intrinsic motivation towards them.

Inspired by the techniques taught at Academie voor Coaching en Counselling, we have created this tool that brings together the field of Design Thinking, sustainability, and positive psychology, to help SDG consultants and facilitators guide their clients from a place of inner motivation and inspiration, rather than compliance to standards and requirements.

Enjoy the SDG Wheel of Life!


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