Strategy Tree


This template helps you to formulate a business, product, or service strategy by using the metaphor of a tree to connect your capabilities, actions, and outcomes. Most strategy documents and charts have lots to say about the goals that a team or organization wants to take on but not much about the results or impact the goals represent. The Strategy Tree template lets you visually connect your actions or goals – the branches of the tree – to the results – or 'fruit' – they're meant to achieve. You can express the results as targets based on specific metrics you'll use to measure progress. Below the actions (branches and trunk) is the capabilities area ('roots'): what capabilities will you need to achieve these actions and goals? This is often an area that is overlooked too. You can use this template as a workshop structure with a team, as well as a visual summary of the workshop results in a presentation, or as a guide for your own strategic efforts. Don't forget to revisit it and update it regularly to check your progress and make any necessary adjustments.


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Axelle Vanquaillie
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