Personas Workshop for Ethical Discussion


Why a personas workshop for ethical discussion?

In the selection of target groups, ethical, organizational, and software-technical considerations overlap. In a personas workshop, it is possible to reflect on which target groups have been assumed implicitly and whether they are sufficient for the ethics-by-design process. It is also about making the implicit target groups visible through the personas, as well as creating additional personas for previously unnoticed possible target groups. Created personas thus stand in a tense relationship between the desired possibilities for action and the concrete restrictions on time and finances. The ethical perspective is also evident in the reflection on the stereotyping aspects of personas.

How to use a personas workshop in ethical discussion?

For those interested, prepared questions in the linked Miro template offer a first starting point and invite you to fill it out. There is also space to add more personas. Through a moderated discussion, the results can be structured and reflected in your project group.


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