PDCA Kaizen Cycle


What is this board about?

This is a PDCA Cycle Board.

PDCA (plan–do–check–act or plan–do–check–adjust) is an iterative design and management method used in business for the control and continual improvement of processes and products. It is also known as the Shewhart cycle, or the control circle/cycle.

How can it be used?

You can use the board for Process Optimization or Product Optimiziation in different ways. Phases: 1. Phase: Plan, 2. Phase: Do, 3. Phase: Check, 4. Phase: Act/Adjust

In each Phase we need to check the 1H and 5W`s:

-How to improve?

-People & Roles

-What to do

-Check the timing

-Where to improve

-Needs & Expectations


You want to improve your Work Process?

You want to improve a Product?

Let`s get started: Plan, Do, Check, Adjust...


Andreas Lindenberg image
Andreas Lindenberg
UX CSAT Specialist@Lindenberg
I am originally coming from 3D-Design and Content Creation, have found the world of User Experience. My experience in finding out customer needs was coming from the practical side, it was a natural process. I am a Miro everyday user, seen it, loved it, today i m addicted. i am managing many different projects with Miro, and i am really benefiting and helping others to get used to the workflows.

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