Gemba Walk Exercise for Farming Business


The main purpose of this template is to connect theory and practice by bringing farming business leaders/decision makers to their workplace to observe processes as they happen. It helps to align perception with reality.

Rural PM's Gemba Walk Exercise for Farming Business offers a comprehensive template for conducting a fully remote (or onsite) workshop. It contains introductory context-setting on what a gemba walk is; how the gemba walk planning and interview looks like; and a retrospective space for you to collaborate together on as your participants moves through the process. It also includes examples for planning and interview structure which offer question types, related subjects to cover and notes on where to drop your participants insights on relevant points.

How to use the gemba walk exercise through this template?

>Read the instructions carefully on the template.

>Start small focusing a specific area or value stream of your farming business

>Go to "Intro" board for fundamentals

>Follow up with "How to" board for getting started

>Summarize all the conclusions and feedbacks

>Map out all the results and share!

>Follow up with a tailor-made transformation roadmap on


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