Pandora's Prioritization Process (PPP)


We created a ready-to-go 7-step template based on Pandora's prioritization model. Pandora Music, for eight years, implemented a unique prioritization model. The model was based on 3 important attitudes:

  • Time and money are constraints

  • You can't commit to long-term roadmaps

  • Do the most valuable work at any given time

With those three attitudes in mind, Tom Conrad (CTO @Pandora since 2004) went to work and designed a model that allowed the company to create a lot of value with limited capacity.

This template will enable you to create a prioritized product backlog each quarter.

How does it work?

It starts with a brainstorm session where the development team brings up ideas about features which they rewrite in the second step, making those features measurable, both in product metric as in estimation.

Afterwards, you're invited to assemble a new team, apart from the development team, where people highly involved with the product (CEO, CMO, .. ) are asked to 'buy' features, according to the capacity of the development team.


A prioritized product roadmap by quarter, timely and ruthless.



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