Open Space


This template is built around the Open Space method and helps make it digital. With this template, you can easily run an Open Space session online!

The instructions below don't explain the method itself — for this, please refer to the original source by Harrison Owen.

A couple of technicalities about how to work with the template:

  1. Use the Pool of Topics to collect topics sourced from the participants.

  2. With help of the Miro timer make the topics pitching short and sexy.

  3. Assign the topics to the "kiosks" to set up the schedule.

  4. Copy the topic sticky notes to the working areas.

  5. Harvest what's happened in the breakouts in the end.


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Ruslan Kildeev
Program Producer & Digital Host@resense360
Ruslan is an edtech producer, sustainability geek, visual thinker, and digital magician. He accompanies teams and organizations in growing their capacities and creating meaningful online gatherings.
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