Engaging Workshop Online

Facilitating a meeting in a digital space has its own peculiarities: weak connection, screen fatigue, lack of personal contact and small talks during breaks. However, it is still possible to run it in a nice and productive way.

This template provides a structure for a facilitated session held online. Inside, you’ll find a number of frames presenting all main elements of such a session, or workshop. Going from the left frame in the first row to the right one in the last row will give you an image of an online workshop.

To run an effective engaging workshop online, you need to think about the following parts:

  • intro to & framing the session;

  • proper onboarding of the participants;

  • presenting agenda;

  • check in;

  • input;

  • Q&A;

  • interaction such as group work;

  • harvesting;

  • feedback;

  • check out;

  • follow up.

This template is a ready-made solution offering a menu of options to design a meeting online. Simply remove the non-relevant boards, fill in the others with content, and you’re all set!


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Ruslan Kildeev
Program Producer & Digital Host@MitOst e.V.
Ruslan is an edtech producer, sustainability geek, visual thinker, and digital magician. He accompanies teams and organizations in growing their capacities and creating meaningful online gatherings.

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