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Open Space Beach Design

Create and facilitate open spaces with this template to have a nice and illustrative journey along the beach.

How to use this board:

1. Before the Open Space:

  • Select a topic for your Open Space.

  • When you already have selected a topic for your Open Space enter it at the top of the board so everyone can see it.

  • Ask the participants to add their profile picture and name to the participants’ area

  • Make sure you have enough break-out rooms prepared. Link the room URLs to the city names. Remember to add one for Barcelona and the main hall as well.

  • Prepare the board and lock the items you don’t want to move around.

2. Starting the Open Space:

  • Welcome the participants and let them introduce themselves in a few sentences.

  • Give an overview of the board. Introduce the Open Space Technology concept if necessary

  • Present your topic for this Open Space. Why have you chosen this topic?

3. Collecting ideas:

  • Show the participants the different agenda cards and let them write down their questions and impulses.

  • Have everyone briefly introduce their card. If the participants agree, subject duplicates can also be combined.

  • Participants distribute their cards in the session planning. If there are more cards than available sessions, either hold a voting for the most popular topics or add more rooms or sessions if necessary.

4. Facilitate the breakout-sessions:

  • During online-meetings it might be difficult to keep track of the different rooms. If necessary, let participants take their profile pictures with them to their current room where they are.

  • Set a timer to your desired breakout duration and let the ideas flow.

  • After the time is up you can come back into the main hall to present your key results or directly move onto the next sessions.

  • Continue this until all sessions have been completed.

5. Gentle finish

  • Feedback is key. Ask participants to reflect on the event and write down their top learnings.

  • Ask for feedback on what can be improved at a future event.

  • If participants have ideas for a next open space topic, they can also suggest it.


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