OKR Planning & Tracking Toolkit


This toolkit is designed to help product teams plan, refine and manage their goals using the objectives and key results (OKR) framework. At 383, we use it to help us plan the big picture things we'll be focusing on every six months, making sure we are dreaming big, measuring what matters, and keeping ourselves accountable along the way.

It's super useful for product teams who:

  • need to focus and prioritise their goals

  • need to align their product vision and roadmap

  • are just getting started with OKRs, or don't feel like they are getting the most out of them

  • want to keep everyone updated and aligned on progress

There's a few different sections to this toolkit.

Section one: An intro to OKRs. This section runs through some 'need-to-knows' about OKRs and some of the assumptions we've made when pulling this together. We recommend starting here, so you get the wider context of how and why we use this toolkit, and what OKRs mean at 383.

Section two: OKR workshop planning. This section contains some notes, guidances and tips on how to run OKR workshops, with some things to keep in mind.

Section three: OKR workshops. This section is where the fun really starts...! We've outlined three workshops to run with your team to uncover and refine your objectives, key results and initiatives.

Section four: OKR tracking. This section provides templates you can use to track your OKR progress. We use it as the basis for our weekly OKR sync to keep everyone updated and accountable for completing initiatives, driving key results, and ultimately achieving our objectives.

Read through the board, and then when you are ready to get going, you can make your own copy and edit to your heart's content!


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