OK Activation Canvas


At OpenKnowledge we believe that organisations must be able to evolve and grow by adopting a new transformative mindset, capable of combining innovation and digital with the human development of people.

Fostering this attitude to change is the main challenge of companies and also our mission: that's why we decided to share with the public the OK Activation Canvas, a tool dedicated to those who, in organisations, have to think about the approach to change in their company and want to be supported in the high-level design of a transformation strategy oriented to resilience.

Starting from the OpenKnowledge framework, the OK Activation Canvas allows you to define at a high level strategy to follow in the wider context of a business transformation effort, by enabling a reflection in five steps:

  1. Recognise the organisational change underway

  2. Qualify the desired organisational transformation

  3. Recognise the strategic value of people-centricity

  4. Enabling change in the company

  5. Evolve the dimensions of the organisation


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OpenKnowledge is a consultancy company, part of Bip Group, that empower organisations to grow​ by balancing their digital transformation journey and their human-centric development.
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