Note & Vote Micro-Workshop (with Facilitation Script)


The Note & Vote Micro-Workshop is extremely simple & short (10-15 mins) — which makes it perfect for beginners who want to run a remote workshop for the first time. To make it even easier for you, we’ve included the facilitation script right in the Miro board! ‘Note’ and ‘Vote’ are two exercises that are at the core of every great workshop, and they can be applied to so many situations to help you collaborate on answering any question, prioritize challenges, and ideate solutions.

Here’s how it works at a high level: instead of spending so much time trying to brainstorm in a meeting by talking, discussing, and trying to agree on something, everyone ideates in simultaneously on sticky notes, then votes simultaneously using red dots, and you end up with a mass of ideas prioritized based on the team’s votes — all in 10 minutes!

If you’re just starting out with remote facilitation or even facilitation in general, there’s no better place to start than with a Note & Vote Micro-Workshop. It’s easy, it’s short (10-15 mins), and it’s effective. You get to try your hand at remote facilitation and build your experience in short 10-minute bursts while exposing your team to better ways of collaboration. You can even run this Micro-Workshop within a regular meeting and just carve out 15 minutes out of a 60-minute meeting to run a Note & Vote.

What makes this template special is the built-in word-for-word facilitation script which you can use while facilitating remotely — without your team knowing, so they get a great, natural facilitated Micro-Workshop delivered by you and you never have to worry about what to say or fear that you would forget to say something important.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this template along with the facilitation script and try it for ideation, retros, prioritizing problems, or to answer any question that you and your team need to collaborate on answering.


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