New Job: First 90 Days Workshop Board


Treat starting a new job like a Product!

This is my 90-day workshop board created as part of the 1:1 coaching I take Product Managers through their first 90 days when starting a new job.

This could be starting a new job at a new company or starting a new role within the same company via a promotion or lateral move. Either way, this workshop board is designed to help you set yourself up for success in that new role.

Designed for Product Managers, this board is not role specific. It can be used by anyone in any role.

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Ant Murphy
Product Coach & Founder@Product Pathways
With over a decade in product-tech, Ant has worked across small startups to large enterprises and firmly believes the secret to great products is building great product people! Ant's mission is to help others build meaningful products that have a positive impact in the world. He has coached Founders, Product Managers and Leaders across the globe. Ant share's his knowledge freely through his Youtube channel, content on Product Pathways and regular Newsletter ('The PBL Newsletter').
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