My User Manual Template


Printers and coffee machines have user manuals, almost all the things have them! As people, we also have our own user manuals :) The point of this exercise is to know your teammates and how to work with them effectively.


  • Please share some details about your preferred way of working and collaborating.

  • Put at least 3 Sticky Notes in each category, but feel free to use more if you feel it!

  • In the template, there are some examples that should help you wrap your head around the category.

  • If you prefer to present it on physical post-its - sure thing, go for it!


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Michał Michalczuk
Software Developer / Consultant
Senior Software Engineer and consultant in Tektit Consulting. IT trainer at Infoshare Academy. Previously worked on Jira Cloud and Atlassian Forge. He talks and records stuff on Front-end and WebDevelopment related stuff. One of talking heads at “Śniadanie z Programowaniem” and “Z Archiwum IT” by
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