Perfection Game Retrospective


This Template is a nice and short Retrospective for a team. It is easy to execute and has the powerful question of the perfection game in it. It is understandable for everybody and still a retrospective many people don't know.

How to start

Explain the goal of a retrospective and by reading out the prime directive state our general attitude in this meeting.


A short check- in to bring everyone together and feel comfortable. Don't let people talk for too long here.

Scale the iteration

Let everybody scale the last iteration (or another time you agree on). Important here: this is a gut feeling the people have and this is totally fine.

Gather Data

Find everything that went well or didn't go well based on processes, tools, communication and collaboration.

Perfection Game

Based on those insights above: Now write everything down that would the next iteration a 10 out of 10 - a perfect iteration! Everything is allowed here!

Decide what to do

Vote on your favorites and discuss these what we can implement in the next iteration. This can also be only parts of it, an adapted idea or whatever creates continuous improvement in your team's opinion.


Let everybody write one Kudo card for a team mate. This is a nice way to say 'thank you' and appreciate each other.


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