Mountain of Tomorrow - Project Launch Canvas


The Mountain of Tomorrow canvas helps individuals, teams and organizations to define the scope of their innovative projects. The canvas is a great way to kick-start initiatives and ensure aligned, effective project management and execution.

When to use it?

As a innovation project leader or facilitator, you want to create clarity, momentum and shared project commitment at the start. Especially when you start an innovation or co-creation project between different individuals, departments, organizations that haven’t worked often together it is important to scope and align your project goals and road-map together.

Use the canvas if you want to:

  • Define your envisioned long term impact together. Where does our innovative project need to contribute to in the long run?

  • Define the project goals. What are the results we strive for in this project time-frame?

  • Defining the road-map (clear milestones). What is the first step we need to take and further? When does what need to be finished to progress towards the end goals?

  • Define and align on the resources you need to be successful.

  • Define and align on the ways of working to make it an enjoyable and effective ride together.

  • Start your project with a challenge in mind. What challenge is your project trying to solve, find solutions for?

How does the mountain of tomorrow canvas work?


Shape a core project plan including team, timeline, milestones & success factors for your innovative effort.


  • Try to have the full project team present

  • 2 facilitators (depending on size of team)

  • 2-4 hours workshop

  • Facilitators preparation time needed 0.5-1.5 days


Follow the flow of the canvas by filling in the post-its together starting with the (1) Future Ambitions, followed by (2) Today's Challenges, (3) project goals, (4) milestones, (5) climbing equipment (resources needed) and the (6) ways of working.

Adjust the process (and the time spend on each step) if some of the questions have already been answered in previous sessions. Trigger questions are added for all steps in the canvas. Good luck!


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