Annual Content Calendar


The main goal of this annual content workflow calendar is to help keep teams organised. The key focus here is keeping to deadlines and being more proactive and productive when it comes to content development through a brand lifecycle.

It also helps to keep entire teams up to date with the latest and upcoming projects in your pipeline. Here at the University of Westminster, we have a versatile content calendar which covers different themes and audiences across our brand. As you can see from the sample calendar, we develop our own unique and original content which is usually driven by different internal and external events across our product lifecycle.

We have in total of 7 content pillars which cover various aspects of our brand. This calendar helps align our social media themes to wider digital and brand goals. It's easy to follow and helps other team members familiarise themselves with the content that is currently being produced. It also helps people understand how external events and religious celebrations impact the behaviour of our brand across digital channels.


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Adrian Radev
Product Designer@The Independent
I am currently a Product Designer at The Independent. Passionate about designing digital experiences that leave a positive impact on people, environment and society.
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