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About the template

This board was created from a method to ideate and create content strategies, the Creative Content Kit.

It is a deck of 65 cards that combine design methods and publishing principles in a framework of 04 steps as you can see below.

The purpose of this board is to present a few frameworks for you to build a participative view, share the narrative of your content or simply brainstorm before it is produced and scheduled. Many teams spend endless hours trying to convince other members about a piece of text that took weeks to be produced. Some waste time creating and editing visuals for social media several times when all they need is team members to be integrated into the process. Because content looks nice and anyone can publish in a social platform, we often undervalue what it takes to think, create and produce it. Turning ideas into meaningful and valuable content is a hard task. Bring your team together and advocate for your work reaching your goals with ease.

How to use it

  • Model. Define the reason why for your content. Investigate and be aware of your audience, connecting their needs with your business values. Your values can be

    expressed by characteristics of your products/services, by your brand statement or value proposition. Once both are connected, you are ready to move on and find out which content will help you deliver your message best.

  • Content. With the information you gather from the previous stage, you will think about what types of content you need to address your audience, aligned with your product/service, brand or business. If you know the needs and pains of your audience, the content you will create should benefit them somehow.

    As part of your creative process, brainstorm individually and align your ideas with content goals.

  • Platform. Platforms present and distribute your content. They represent how and where your audience will experience it: videos on Youtube, photos on Instagram, short texts on Twitter, etc.

    At this stage, you will check your editorial ideas and define which platform is best to execute them and how to adapt the same content to different formats. Here you will create the production specifics: title, subtitle, long or short format, images, and so on.

  • Reach. To make sure your content is not lost or ignored, you can make use of practical tools, tips and tactics regarding exposure to capture users attention.

    At this stage you will look at SEO, Hashtags, PPC, advertising and other ways to amply your message.


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