Corporate Social Entrepreneurship Canvas


Unleash the innovative potential of your employees by exploring organizational, customer and societal challenges and come up with potential solution that might answer to your call to action.

When to use it?

As HR, CSR or Innovation leader or facilitator, you might want to link the organizational purpose with the personal purpose of your employees to increase employee engagement and co-create future proof solution.

Use the canvas if you want to:

  • To explore future proof solutions to real challenges for your organization, customer and society

  • Create a relevant call to action for your organization, customer and society

  • Explore challenges for your organization, customer and society and try to bring those together

How does the CSE canvas work?


  • Bring together the employees who want to make a positive impact beyond their day to day job

  • 2 facilitators (depending on size of team)

  • 1-4 hours workshop

  • Facilitators preparation time needed 0.5 day


  • Start with exploring the organizational challenges. Often it helps to bring in recent insights to start the conversation. Next, think about the challenges your customer is facing and finally the challenges in the society that link to your organizations.

  • Try to find common challenges for in all categories and link them together

  • Formulise one call to action (How might we) by focusing

    • The challenge (e.g. reducing climate impact)

    • The target group (e.g. for our segment A customers)

    • The impact you want to make (e.g. to improve the biodiversity)

  • Brainstorm about potential solutions and select the best five

  • Grow the five ideas (think a bit further)

  • Have a discussion and or voting and decide on the best idea

  • Brainstorm about internal and external stakeholders that are relevant for this challenge and the solution you would like to explore

  • Continue the social entrepreneurial journey.


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