MoSCoW Criteria Canvas


Use this template to help you and your team consider and prioritize a set of tasks, features, or other items according to scope and constraints as part of your planning process.

Using the MoSCoW Criteria Canvas is a simple and effective way to prioritize tasks and projects. To begin, gather a group of stakeholders and provide them with the template.

  • Start with the 'Must-Have' box, listing all the critical features and deliverables that must be included in the project or task.

  • Next, move onto the 'Should-Have' box, identifying secondary priorities that are important but not critical.

  • After this, move on to the 'Could-Have' box, listing items that are desirable but not necessary for the success of the project.

  • Finally, the 'Won't-Have' box should be filled with items that won't be included in this iteration of the project.

Once all items are listed, it's important to discuss and prioritize them, marking them accordingly on the canvas. This will help the team stay focused and ensure that everyone is on the same page about what is critical and what can be sacrificed in future iterations.


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