Moon Landing


What is it?

The Moon Landing exercise brings people together to navigate a high stakes survival situation! It is ideal to stimulate the problem solving capacity of your team. It helps your team to practice communication, assertiveness and self-confidence to stay alive in the hostile environment on the moon!

The Moon Landing exercise was originally developed by NASA. This template is influenced by the game described at

When to use it?

Moon Landing exercise is a team building activity that will reveal how your team deal with problem situations in extreme circumstances when time and resources are limited.

You can use it to build your team and develop their team working skills anytime during their journey together.

How to run it?

This Moon Landing exercise can be done in any group size. The template is created for 9 people but can easily be adapted to any size of your group, by duplicating the Ranking sheets so everyone has their own copy.

During the assessment step you will break up in smaller groups of 3 for efficient discussion and decision making.

Time needed for this team building exercise is 90 min in total.

There is "Fun Fact" information between the different process steps related to your journey in space to spice up the exercise a bit and get some water cooler chat.

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