Monstrous Facilitation Superpowers


There isn't just one facilitation style. Every facilitator has a different character and skillset, which can be turned into facilitation superpowers.

Use this template to create a portrait of who you are as a facilitator and describe your style.

  • The exercise can be run individually, to create more awareness of your skills, or in a group, to boost confidence in everyone's facilitation styles.

  • This exercise will ask you to list what knowledge, character traits and hard skills that you already own can be put into use as a facilitator.

  • It will also ask you to reflect on what are some habits to stay away from.

  • The exercise can be used as a warm-up to a session or an introduction to facilitation.

Instructions are included in the template.


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Martina Bonetti
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Service and User Experience Designer by day, problem solver at heart. I co-create feasible solutions that people love, and always find space for more plants in my house.
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