100 Get to Know Each Other Questions


In this 100 Questions Ice Breaker, you will have a chance to get to know your teammates better. There are 100 stickers with various questions about life, values, memories, hobbies, and personalities.

When working remote, we sometimes over-focus on tasks and deliverables and forget to focus on what matters most  -  people and relationships. Without a strong team, it is hardly possible to achieve anything great!

One way to build a strong team is to learn more about each other as people. It creates a bond and increases a sense of trust. When we get to know each other personally, mutual respect grows, and we get the feeling of being seen, accepted and recognised. This leads to emotional safety in a team.

This ice breaker can be used with existing and newly formed teams. It can be used as a part of the retrospective or as a stand-alone activity. You can also start any meeting with a quick round of questions to break the ice.

Have fun getting to know each other 👋


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Marta Danylenko
Product Manager@Hotjar
Product manager and a certified scrum product owner with a background in growth and marketing, and 9+ years of experience in companies across Ukraine, China, and Germany. Interested in product discovery, PLG, a/b testing and validating ideas fast.
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