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When to Use this Template

Often, when creating both a Consumer and an Employer brand, after going through a long path of research and development, your client receives a formal document at the output without any understanding of what needs to be done next and how to apply the generated concepts in practice. As a result, either most of the platform remains "on paper" (does not find a real embodiment), or it is asynchronously used for completely different purposes (marketing, internal corporate, etc.), which deprives the brand of consistency and holism. In order to avoid this situation, our team has developed this template, which helps, after the creation of the brand platform, to implement the company's mission at the level of inter-team values - guidelines that the team follows in the framework of daily activities (when developing a product, service, communications, etc.).

What is the Template about

The template developed by the Møde team covers 2 tasks at once:

  • It allows you to implement an important element of the strategy - the mission - in practice, reflecting its main essence in the principles of work and interaction within the company's team.

  • It provides a high level of interconnection/complementarity between different elements of the brand platform (helps to avoid a situation in which the company's values are developed separately and are in no way related to its purpose in the world). Such a logical link between the values and the mission of the organization creates a cumulative effect and allows:

  • the company's teams - to feel the purpose of the company's existence, feel their contribution to its implementation, and confirm the importance of the global mission of the organization with their concrete actions every day.

  • the company's clients - to believe in the reality of the company's mission, seeing that it is being implemented at the tactical (operational) level.

In addition, this template is a part of the educational intensive course on building an Employer brand of the company (it appears as part of the fourth day that completes the process of creating an Employer brand and demonstrates how the strategy can be implemented in practice).

How to Use this Template

Within this framework, individual work is combined with teamwork - so we can ensure that the views of all team members are heard and properly considered.

1. Ask the participants to:

  • Split into individual streams (by writing their name on the sticker located on the field with the most liked color)

  • Individually formulate how the company's mission can find its expression at the level of daily activities - in what key practices, approaches to work, behavior in the workplace, etc.

Tip: It is important that participants record the key aspects of behavior (behavioral patterns) that most clearly reflect the mission of the company. Each aspect should be described on a separate sticker.

2. Ask the participants to move the stickers to the clustering zone and, together with colleagues, form groups of similar/interrelated aspects. During the grouping process, it is important to place a red "Principle" shape above each group of stickers for a schematic image of the cluster.

3. Ask participants to individually vote for the 5 most important general principles/values (red "Principle" shapes).

Tip: When choosing the most important principles, participants can be guided by the following criteria:

  • The principle has the potential to improve the quality of work / its results

  • The principle will be applied in the work on a regular basis (it will be frequently accessed)

  • Following this principle will contribute to the development of the Consumer / Employer brand

  • The principle is significantly different from other principles (if there are principles similar in meaning, they can be combined into one, preserving all the nuances)

4. Ask the participants to jointly analyze the results of their work - to describe each principle/value in as much detail as possible:

  • To reveal the meaning / sense of each value based on what the participants collectively understand by it (to detail its key essence, negating the ambiguity of concepts and formulations)

  • Identify the team's key DO's - reflect how the team should behave if they adopt these values

  • Identify the team's key DON'Ts - reflect how the team should not behave if they adopt these values

When formulating, the participants can use the formula for finalizing values written to the left of the sticky notes, but it's not obligatory.


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