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This template is designed to help you create eye-catching and customizable sharing card for Linkedin. It's customizable in Miro and easy enough that anyone can use it. So whether you're a social media enthusiast or want to promote your new template within your team, this Miroverse template is an excellent tool to help you show off your ideas.

🗺️ How to use this template:

  1. Give yourself a little credit, add your profile image

  2. Make it your own by adding a screenshot of your template and edit the name

  3. Try a different sticker to match your vibe

  4. Export as image and you're good to go

💡Pro tips for editing this template:

  • Crop your profile image into a circle in Miro

  • Drag and drop your screenshot onto the board then rotate and crop to fit

  • Bring to front or send to back with fn + ⬆️/⬇️


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Kristin Leitch
Templates & Miroverse@Miro
Kristin has worked in brand, design, and product marketing. She is passionate about building templates and tools so nobody ever has to start from scratch.
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