Meta-Retrospective Facilitation Template


💡Your Stakeholders Are Your Allies, not an Impediment! 

When we’re open about our goals and processes, collaboration with our stakeholders can shift from challenging or annoying to an extraordinary experience for all parties involved.

Therefore, inviting our stakeholders to Retrospectives is a smart move. It’s a proven first step toward building trust, fostering open communication, and improving our collaboration with each other.

I’ve teamed up with @Miro to develop a brand-new #Retrospective template. This tool is not just for you but for your stakeholders, too, fostering a collaborative environment and strengthening your relationships.

It is the tried & tested Meta Retrospective from the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide book!

In four simple steps, your team and your stakeholders will identify:

  1. Areas where the team has improvement potential and the agency to act.

  2. Areas where team and stakeholders need support from the leadership to improve value creation.

Run the Meta Retrospectives regularly, and you will:

  1. Create a shared understanding of how you work,

  2. Set reasonable expectations and

  3. Open a channel to discuss how you can improve your cooperation.

I also included an In-depth video walkthrough to share my tips for getting the most out of this template. Don’t hesitate to try my Meta Retrospectives template the next time you think about improving stakeholder relations, and let me know what you think!


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Stefan Wolpers
Autor, Prof. Scrum Trainer (PST)@Berlin Product People GmbH
Stefan, based close to Hamburg, Germany, has worked for 18-plus years as a Product Manager, Product Owner, agile coach, and Scrum Master. He is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) with and the author of Pearson’s “Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide.” He has developed B2C as well as B2B software, for startups as well as corporations, including a former Google subsidiary. Stefan curates the ‘Food for Agile Thought’ newsletter and organizes the Agile Camp Berlin and the Hands-on Agile Meetup.
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