Memorable Experience Framework


The memorable experience framework helps product teams consider the well-being and delight of their users when ideating on new features. The goal is to create an experience that generates anticipation and emotional involvement.

How does it work?

The framework will guide you through each of the positive psychology components of the PERMA model (positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment). Each component is split into different dimensions, with a product example and a list of common gamification and UX mechanics.

  • Review each component of the framework, their mechanics and the example.

  • Reflect on the product and find opportunities for a memorable experience.

  • Create a post-it for each idea you have, along with your name. Add a screenshot next to the post-it if it helps illustrate your idea or help visualize the section of the app you are referring to.

  • Review other people's ideas and vote for your favorites.


Audree Lapierre image
Audree Lapierre
Director of User Experience and Design@Officevibe
Data visualization pioneer and strategic design leader dedicated to creating emotionally engaging experiences.
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