Meme Battle - Retrospective and Icebreaker


Meme Battle is a fun, hilarious, competitive, and chaotic game that allows participants to be free to express their feeling and what engage with their life stories and recent experience.

When to use the Meme Battle?

The Meme can be utilized for two main purposes the facilitation:Retrospective-driven purposeIcebreaker gameIt very depends on your creativity in creating the challenge for each round.

How to conduct Meme Battle?

Meme Battle template is designed to be easily modified in the Battle Arena to serve both purpose.

Retrospective Format

Here are the steps for conducting Retrospective format:

  1. Explain the Retrospective purpose and Meme Template. Clearly define what this retrospective is used for and how you want to summarize the insight from the meme battle progress.

  2. Show how to do it in Battle Arena. Create the meme from the template to give context for the retrospective you can give prompt questions for each round to lead to retrospective principles: what is worked, what didn’t work & What could be improved for example.

  3. Give participants time to reflect and ask questions. Accommodate participants to overview the result from each other memes, you can ask to vote to be shortlisted for your team insights. Give time and space for participants to ask questions as well in Burning Question section to listen to new ideas for improvement.

Icebreaker Game Format

Here are the steps for conducting Icebreaker Game format:

  1. Explain the Icebreaker activity purpose and Meme Template. Give time for participants to explore for awhile on how to participate in the game.

  2. Show how to do it in Battle Arena. First, hide all the challenges within the Battle Arena and set a time for each round for 5-10 minutes to create the meme from the template based on the given challenge. 

  3. Let participants inspire each other and compete. The key is giving the opportunity to be free to express, and letting the participants create the meme based on their experience or daily life contexts which will help drive great engagement.

  4. Give space to overview and cool down time. After increasing tense and heat for the meme battle competition, try to give space to highlight the prominent memes as triggers to grab attention. Then cold down time by putting burning questions for facilitator or to the meme creators as complimentary.

Enjoy the Memes!


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