Melbourne-Theme Workshop


As we continue to work in distributed teams or hybrid ways of working, we wanted to create a space where you and your team can continue to regroup and use the different digital venues for different meeting agendas. 

  • Tell us about yourself template

 It's the start of your journey. Use this space for team introductions. Ask the team to add an image, share their LinkedIn or GitHub profile and a short description about themself. New starters can reference the profiles when they start. 

  • What do you use Miro for template

 While you are waiting at the pick-up bay you can use this space to gather insights from your team. You can change the content of the black banner to anything and ask people to use the pink and yellow dots to vote. 

  • Let's talk template 

If you have visited Melbourne, you may have taken a train at Flinders station. Use this space to brainstorm ideas. You can change the Welcome content to anything you want to brainstorm and ask people to share all their ideas using the post-it notes. 

  • Topic of the day template 

If you are familiar with Melbourne architecture, you'll appreciate the cute townhouses or shops that have been refurbished. Use this space to get more ideas or use as a retrospective board (eg. what worked and what didn't?) You can extend the space for action items. 

  • MCG auditorium template 

You may have visited the MCG to watch a football game or a concert like Coldplay. Use this space if you have a performance or a speaker. Add their photo on the white space and add any slides that can help. 

  • Brighton boxes template 

The iconic instagram worthy photo next to the beach houses down at Brighton. Use this space to add resources you would like to share with the team (eg. templates, interesting reads or podcasts, corporate materials, etc.) With regards to the introduction can add me and Ines? We worked on this together.  This template was created together with Ines Pedroza ( Product Designer at Two Bulls).


Sarah Fairbarns image
Sarah Fairbarns
Senior Delivery Lead@REA Group
Sarah is a Senior Delivery Lead working across fintech and proptech industries. She's passionate about creating spaces where people can discuss, workshop, create, develop, experiment.

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