A Meaningful Month for Teams - Challenge


The Meaningful Month Icebreaker - it’s a question-based game that teams can play once a week for four weeks (can also be adapted to work for your team).

It encourages meaningful conversations and interactions that help teams get to know each other better, and bring their full, authentic selves to work. It’s a mini antidote to small talk. Great for connecting virtual teams of all sizes (played in breakout rooms) and integrating new hires.

Brief instructions:

Every week there is a deck to draw from - each player will draw one card from the deck and answer a question. Players have ‘tokens’ to interact with players - they can ask follow up questions, forward a question to another player, and acknowledge players with virtual rewards.


Cozy Juicy Real image
Cozy Juicy Real
Jed and Sophia, Co-Founders of Cozy Juicy Real
We're coaches and facilitators who love great conversations. Over the last five years, we've developed this game to create deeper relationships with friends and family. Meaningful Month Icebreaker is a lite version of Cozy Juicy Real and is built specifically for work teams.
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