Icebreakers for Introverts


For some people, just mentioning the word "icebreaker" triggers the cold sweats. So what do we do when we know icebreaker or warm-up activities are key to getting the "room" energized and ready to share?

These activities are designed to be completed independently, allowing participants feel comfortable and to take their time reading the questions and coming up with answers.

To use the template, select from the suggested activities, based on your audience and the types of Miro tools you expect them to use during your meeting or session. Use as many or as few as time permits. Then, depending on the comfort level of participants, do an independent or guided gallery walk, where participants can choose to elaborate on their boards.


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Barbara Sedlack
Manager, Design Technology & Operations@BMO
In my role within an internal creative agency at a large Canadian FI, I manage tools and processes that impact how we work together, how we get our work done and how our work creates impact.
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