How We Do It

This little Miro board is designed to onboard our workshop participants quickly and easily, most importantly putting them at ease using a new tool. There is a lot of anxiety out there! We keep it simple using sticky notes and voting to get our collaborations started. We lock things on the board to make these first Miro interactions as trouble-free as possible. We make this a lighthearted and easy exercise to make it fun and less of a chore.

Inviting Miro Users

A few days prior to workshops we send an email with a link (for guest editors) to our “Miro icebreaker” explaining we will use this collaborative tool called Miro and “in just a few minutes you will learn how to use it share your ideas.” We make it optional yet have had many people participate.

Optional Guided Tour

For those who prefer a personal tour we hold “office hours” or a couple of optional 15 minute meetings where workshop attendees can meet us and try out Miro with our help.

These simple steps have helped get people ready for workshops with little stress and many smiles!


Andrea Weissenbuehler image
Andrea Weissenbuehler
UX Designer and Design Thinking Lead@DXC Technology
A User Experience Designer & Design Thinking Lead I help client and project teams tackle problems and build usable interfaces. Miro helps me get participants engaged with just a little guidance!
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