Super MIRiO-Kart Icebreakers


The Super MIRiO Workshop not only enables the team to get energized before the workshop but also get to learn how to use Butter and Miro at the same time. The participants of the workshop will learn the basic control of Butter and Miro while playing with the elements on the board.

In the template, the participants of your workshop can select their favourite characters and race against each other with their arrow keys. In the racing map, there are multiple items with inspiration from Mario Karts, and upon hitting the items, the participants would have to perform a certain action, such as making some sound in Butter (or Miro), copy and paste a post-it, sending a message in the chat. By playing with the game, the participants could get a quick understand of the different functions in Butter and Miro, and be ready to participate in your workshop.

Facilitators of this workshop could also adjust the instructions to fit the contexts and the tools that the participants are using!

How to use:

  • Ask Participants to pick a character from the left and place it in the Rectangle before the starting line.

  • Control the character with the ARROW KEY (No Shift/Mouse)

  • Participants MUST NOT touch the border

  • Participants MUST NOT overlap with others

  • Participants MUST Have Fun

  • The winners of the race would be honored by placing their characters on the podium

  • The facilitator can ask the winners the following questions:

Why do you think you won the game?

What do you think could be improved?

Asking these questions allows the participants to settle down their excitement and be prepared for the upcoming workshop.


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