Digital Event Icebreakers


Spice up your event program with 2 ice breakers that are meant to build connections, spark conversations, and even challenge your drawing skills.

Let’s connect:

At a virtual event, it’s challenging to connect with your peers and get to know each other. Not anymore! Use a Miro Map to share where you’re dialing in from, leave a comment with a little bit about yourself, and discover how diverse the group is.

Let’s draw:

While you wait for attendees to trickle in, start your session with a fun drawing challenge. Using the pen tool, draw your favorite fruit and play a round of pictionary.


Joanna Kim image
Joanna Kim
Enterprise Events and Programs Manager @Miro
Joanna is in brand marketing and has planned field events, meetups, and virtual conferences. She is passionate about events and creating unforgettable experiences for attendees to connect with brands and products.
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