Market Value Canvas


What is the Market Value Canvas, and why you should care?

The Market Value Canvas offers a comprehensive workshop template that helps both people and teams to find their real market value, their target market, and a step-by-step process on how to bridge the gap and bring their value to the market, achieving product-market fit.

When to use the Market Value Canvas?

It can be used both as a powerful career tool by designing your career path (the value you bring to potential employees and how to find them) or as a company/solopreneur growth tool to visualize and realize the value you bring to the market, who is your market, how to find it and how to deliver the value.

Who should use the Market Value Canvas?

  • Career coaches who want to help their clients to re-design their careers.

  • People who want to design and level up their career by finding and landing their dream job.

  • Solopreneurs who are struggling with which direction to take and want to successfully launch and get traction with their business and products or services.

  • Any company on a growth path which needs an easy and actionable blueprint to action.

How to use the Market Value Canvas

You’ll be guided through 10 key steps and concepts.

Step 1: Your career / company goal

What do you want to achieve and accomplish with your career / company? What is the timeframe? How would you know you have reached your goal?

Step 2: Career capital

List out combinations of valuable, rare, and unique education, skills, competencies, and experiences you / your company have built up throughout your career.

Step 3: Signature strengths

What are you / your company very good at? What are you / your company's success stories? What is your / your company's superpower?

Step 4: Value proposition:

What value do you deliver to your audience? What problems are you helping them to solve? Which audience needs are you satisfying? Why are you worth your salary?

Step 5: Personal / company brand

What do you want to be associated with when others hear about you or see your / your company profile? What do you want new contacts to know about you / your company? What do you stand for? What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition?

Step 6: Audience

Who needs to know you / your company? Who are the most important industries / companies and groups of people you target to achieve your career / company goals? Who influences them? Build a network around and with them

Step 7: Meeting places

Where can you meet your audience? In what places or communities do they gather, and can you find them? Be there, be visible and give value

Step 8: Pain points

What pain points, needs, and problems does your audience have that you could solve?

Step 9: Communication

Through which platforms and communication channels can you reach your audience and be known? Are you both present and visible on them? How can your target audience find and reach you?

Step 10: Stories

What stories are you going to tell that are relevant to your audience? How do you create a strong and trustworthy relationship with your audience?

When you use the Market Value Canvas

Feel free to use this template privately.

If you are using it as a professional tool as a coach with clients and or with companies, you can use it freely as well, but please refer to me as the source ( and share on the creative commons terms CC BY-SA 4.0.

If you want to share it or comment on some results to get from it on social media (LinkedIn), please do it, but I would really appreciate it if you tag me on the post.

What now?

Enjoy, be playful, do not overthink it, have fun, have tons of insights along the way, and thrive :-)

If you have any questions, any suggestions on how to improve, or/and want to share with me how it worked for you, your client, or your team, I would love to hear from you.

Do not hesitate to contact me through my LinkedIn profile:


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