Liberating Structures TRIZ


This is a template for running Liberating Structure TRIZ with a team of about 6/8 people. Each of the 3 TRIZ parts would take about 15 minutes, all up and allocate 1 hour. I left 15 minutes of padding.

With a larger group, the time breakdown could be tight, so adjust accordingly.

I've adapted the format to skip the 4 in 1-2-4-all and instead share with the whole group of (about) 6.


  • 60 seconds for the solo reflection. The script: "Before sending you in a breakout with your pair, spend the next 60 seconds self-reflecting on XYZ". XYZ is the prompt based on Part I, Part II, or Part III of triz.

  • 5 minutes for building ideas in pairs (send pairs in breakouts)

  • 5/10 minutes for sharing back. (bring all back from breakouts)

After each part is complete, brief the group for the next part.

The three parts of TRIZ are evenly broken in 15 minutes.

  1. what could we do to really get the worst possible result at ...

  2. anything we do remotely similar to these whacky ideas?

  3. what can we do to fix some of these behaviors?


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