Iteration Retrospective


This is a template for a team of 5/6 people looking back at about 1 week of work. The activities breakdown is 45 minutes (always assuming padding and activity switching should fit in 1h to 1h15m):

  • quick check-in (~5m)

  • gathering objective data in the form of events (~5m)

  • generating clusters from the data and picking the top ones that would make the team work even more effectively next iteration (~30m)

  • coming up with actionable plans and ideas (time included above)

  • quick feedback (~5m)

The purpose of this retrospective is for the team to reflect on how to work more effectively in the next iteration and adjust accordingly.

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Enrico Teotti
Product Manager & Facilitator
Enrico has a background in product management and software development starting in 2001. He's been in hundreds of Agile Retrospectives, he thinks Agile is not a recipe to follow but something to tailor to your complex context.
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