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About the template

A template to support the Liberating Structure 124All in a virtual setup. It contains facilitator notes, examples and the actual canvas to collect and exchange ideas and suggestions. The template is designed for 11 groups of 4 or 44 participants in total. You might want to get rid of pre-set spaces for group work if your group is smaller.

How to use it

  • The general setup of the canvas is a circle going inward.

  • In the end you'll have just the inner circle filled with sticky notes and the rectangular spaces with the drafts of the foursomes.

  • This template has frames to present during each step of the structure.

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Anja Ebers
Liberating Structures
I help groups of any size to newly shape their relations, making cooperation more productive & enjoyable. I'm a Liberating Structures practitioner with a knack for visual guides
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