Learning Out Loud / Social Upskill


The “Learning Out Loud” – template helps to identify and structure team learning goals and run collaborative group learning sessions, in order to accelerate employee development within a team.

The Learning-Out-Loud-sessions itself always follow the same pattern:

At the beginning there is a short check-in, during which everyone announces which topic he/she is contacting today. This is followed by a freely definable and independent learning phase and at the end a check-out in which everyone tells what new things they discovered, learned or tried out. Using this structure, will ensure that nobody works twice and that everyone still has the same knowledge at the end of the session.

How to use the Learning Out Loud-Template?

The board is divided into 5 sections, each one representing a specific phase within the team upskill process. It helps to create your own version of the Learning-Out-Loud-sessions:

1) Preparation: set up the Upskill process

2) OKR Brainstorming: define the team goals

2) Research Phase: prepare the learning sessions

3) Learning Out Loud -Sessions: run the learning sessions

4) Review: measure the goals and improve

Follow the instructions within each section from top to bottom, and pay attention to the helpful tips we put in the speech bubbles.


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